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Your capacity is limitless

There is ALWAYS a way! I love encouragement! It is so powerful and can turn me from thinking that i can't do something to believing that I can.  I believe that encouragement is a key that unlocks potential in people.  You have the potential to change the shape of this nation through planting a church - to actually witness God's love change people's lives as he pours his love into their hearts and brings transformation and joy, comfort and strength.  

And it might be tough!  In fact you can expect it to be so.  And there may be crises and disappointments ahead.

But the nation is looking for a hero.  Someone who will bring relief from their desperation, someone who can give hope in their hopeless situation, a peacemaker in this time of global conflict, someone who can stop the raging anxiety which consumes them.  

In this country alone, crimes are committed every six seconds, someone calls the samaritans every two minutes, at least one homeless person dies each week, this year 16 million people have or will experience a mental health disorder, suicide is the biggest killer of young people in this country.    

But we know this hero.  Jesus Christ.  The one who brings hope to the hopeless, comfort to those who mourn, strength to the weak and peace to the brokenhearted.

And in the words of Jed Bartlett (haha!!) 'every time we think we've reached our capacity to meet a challenge we look up and realise that capacity might well be limitless.'

As you go through this process of church planting and you think you've reached your capacity to meet a challenge, remember to look up and fix your eyes on the one who makes it all possible.  

With Jesus Christ your capacity is limitless.

Martha Bryant
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